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NON HUMAN SONIC ENTITIES invites participants to explore the latent potential of semantic sonic user experience in a virtual web ‘space’ with imagined non human sonic entities. Virtual ‘sound architectures’ and their already established networks present a sonic fictioning and an institutionalised personal reality based around digital sounding avatars, personas and cognitive identities. A multi-dimensional reality resulting from the overlay of possibilities upon the world, challenging the convergence of experience in a space and the sound contained within it. What does it mean for something which is more commonly regarded as abstract and ethereal to become intrinsically linked to a specific physical sound? Non Human Sonic Entities places you within a fictional experiential narrative to deconstruct, generate and rebuild sonic possible worlds through new ways of experiencing and thinking about sound.

Architectures, archetypes and entities represent new possible worlds and dimensions. Entities communicate with the experiencer through synthetic, acoustic and material deconstructions of language, giving a voice to the more than human world. Aural evolutions of communication, aspects of language from the animalistic, synthetically modelled screams, expanded calls and repurposed roaring soft materials speak out into space. The entities act as generative new forms of vocalisation, visually and sonically based around the abstraction of speaking systems. This takes place through shape, texture and sonic characteristic, a generative ecosystem in which many possible embryonic sonic experiences can unfold. Non Human Sonic Entities expands our relationship with remote forms of life and our capacity to travel through fictional realities, we must create new experiential worlds to understand the deep connectivity to our environment and the other human or non-human forms we all contain.

Each entity contains their own sonic body, persona and identity through a generative existence of sound and 3Dmaterial form of expression, as you move through the digital space, you will come across non human sonic entities and listen to their sonic field. 

An eco-sonic platform in which sounds develop due to interaction, synthetic persona’s and exaggerated non-human entities communicate through synthetic and organic glossolalia.

This work is a possible future expressing a contemporary sonic way of being In the world. The importance of mapping non-human forms of expression through beings stripped of their identity, narrative breakdowns of what constitutes our sonic humanness and what it means to function as an intellectual being within an institution of sound. 

I believe sound is a functional tool for us to imagine any possible past or future within its rights to be defined by now, as it happens and it dissipates, being a now, it is only defined as what it is tied to. 

Sound proposes any 'thing' if we train our minds to breakdown our experiential ties to it, our beings can relearn meanings, we can strip an object of a physical or mental trauma through systematically understanding sound in new and interesting way's, we can strip a sound from all of it's meaning to become only a possibility for newness. 

A Morphology of sound, the suggestive, the questionable, the ever expansive

The individual, the collective, sonic thought, applied to reality

The non formation of habitual listening

The un voice

The voice before it enters reality

There is no ideal condition

Within which things and no-things co-specify and define one another

Inaudible, metaphoric and immaterial

Voices are both heard and silenced

Processed through movement and acoustic actions

Of a body

Suggested by experience

A state of the inaudible, fabricates a new kind of sonic reality

A reality only to be experienced within the mind

Do not merely refer to the absence of some ‘thing’

Refer to a supposed ‘place’ or ‘field’ of potential

The existence of the in between of things

Sonic delineation


Ethical epistemology


A sound, a voice, a sonic material, 

an inaudible object

Auditory metaphors, sonic figures of thought

A metaphorical communication to any


Refrain from sound existing, as something already existent

Before developed into its reality, or realities

The non experience / experienced

Possible sonic futures

Possible sonic idealisms

Sound stripped from the thought of what it exists as

What can sound become

Without an attachment

Do not apply any one referential possibility to any one sound

Hear it as a framework of possibilities

Sound, ever expansive as itself

A physical movement in air that evokes many possibilities

Sonic birth

Sonic death

Sound is formed

Different personas, identities and experiences

The space between the inaudible and the mind

A body that testifies to the threshold of an aural experience

The contemporary ear expands upon the non existent, the inaudibly real

Contemporary thought into sonic existence

The absence of sound becomes obvious, opening up a space of silence

This creates a sonic experience through the removal of sound

The silence is relative in that it is defined by its opposite

A sound

Yet a space in which this dialogue between sound and silence unfolds,

echoes an absolute silence

The personified experience of an object exists beyond it, in our psychology

Strip this / your imagined object of a prior or present existence

Free to become only in the future

The ability to question sonic absence

The contemporary ear listens to these spaces

Think of a sonic existence that cannot be added to

Or retracted from

Of presentness, of futureness

The inaudible object embodies sonic imagination, in the space of mind

Listen for new realities

The inaudible world in all of its beauty, is yet to unfold


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