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Jordan Edge works at the intersection of Experience design, Sound Sculpture and fictive  worlding that presents non human entities and material forms of expression. They use  organic materials such as silicone, latex and plant rubber and manipulate them using air,  robotics, soft robotics and sound to create kinetic sculptures that exist as generative  forms of communication. Existing within imagined architectures and worlds; materialised  as experiential installations representing abstract forms of non figurative embodiments.  The architectural systems that shape sensory communicative experience culminate in  our ephemeral environment, shaping our multidimensional identities and personas.  Jordan creates these realms by deconstructing human experience, and translating it into  non-human experience, embodied as sonic entities. They break down constructs within  systematic worlding and ficitoning, reforming ideas into non-human relational products. This approach fabricates windows into abstract possible worlds, through the imagination  of sound, sonic object and non-sound.


My practice communicates the act of material listening and listening as a process to  develop a greater understanding of immediate sensory ecosystems. I experiment with  industrial objects, raw materials & architecture to manipulate the medium through which  sound travels, creating sculptures and installations that explore the physical and  psychological effects of sound on the human experience. I use transformative  frequencies  as an ephemeral tool to open up Spiritual, Magickal and Queer ecosystems of thought.

Different realities can be tapped into, parallel worlds can be created through mapping  invisible acoustic landscapes and tuning into the micro or macrocosmic. Sonic gods and  ethers; how do humans make sound to connect with non human entities? Magickally  charged instruments? Sacred embryonic hymns in which we communicate beyond our  sense of self with the more than human world?

Recieved 'The Auxiliary Sonic Arts Emerging Artist Award 2019' and the 'Seoul Award of  Excellence 2017'. 

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