Non Human Sonic Entity Sonic Embryonic Matter Sonic Possibilism Sonic Being Haptic Sonic User Experience Zensonic Xenolalia Metasonic Gateway Aural Sex Functional Auditory Hallucenogenic Tool The Contemporary Ear

Jordan Edge works at the intersection of experience design, sound art and fictional worlding, presenting non human narrative through material forms of expression. They use organic materials such as silicone, latex and glass and manipulate them using air, robotics, soft robotics and sound to create kinetic sculptures that function as generative forms of abstract communication. Sonic entities existing within imagined architectures and worlds; materialised as non figurative embodiments. Jordan builds worlds by deconstructing human experience, and translating it into non-human experience; non-human sonic entities. They break down constructs within prototypical human worlding and ficitoning, and reform these ideas into non-human relational products. This process fabricates windows into sonic possible worlds, through the imagination of sound, sonic object and non-sounding. 

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